10 Tips on Creating a safe and memorable 18th Birthday

Your daughter or son has finally reached the milestone of turning 18 years old. Even though it probably still feels like they are still a little kid. This is their big year into the real world. For most young people, this could be starting their first job, or enrolling in a tertiary education course.

To make this night memorable and safe.

We have came up with 10 tips to make the night a success.

   1) Involve your daughter or son in the decision making

As much as you would like to take over as a parent. It is their birthday and is ultimately about them. Sit with them and discuss planning ideas before organising the party.

2)Do not advertise on social media

Advertising on social media can bring uninvited people to your event, which is the least thing you want on a birthday event. Instead use the old- fashioned communication method of sending your guests a letter in the mail or sending them a text message on your mobile phone.

3)Safety First

If your teenagers are going out after an event. Make sure they have their mobile phones on them, so they can call you if they need you. If it is their first time going out, arrange a time that you can pick them up from the club or offer to pay an Uber for him/her to return back home safely.

4) Plan a sober night

It is their big day, and to make sure your son/daughter is safe, you will need to play an Uber driver or supervise how much everyone is drinking if you are hosting the function.

5)Hire security if hosting

It is important to hire security for birthday parties to make sure there are no illegal substances at the party. Security guards can check people’s bags or allocate them to Uber cars or taxis to make sure no one is drinking or driving.

6)Ordering the food at least a week in advance

Just in case, if a store does not have enough supply for a favourite product you want for your party, its best to know the number and dietary requirements of all guests to put in an order to get before your party.


Even though it is their 18th and It is legal for them to drink, have a lot of sober adults to make sure everyone is drinking responsibility. You want your kid to enjoy their night but you do not want guests puking and passing out everywhere.

8)Ensure all your belongings are stored away

It is better safe then sorry. Make sure to lock all your belongings (laptop, cash) away where no one can access it.

9)Take heaps of photographs and videos of the events

Your daughter or son may be to busy socialising with the guests, and may not have time to take photographs of the event. Make sure to organise one of the family members to take photos of the pre-event, during the event and after the event.

10)Food and dietary requirements

Make sure to ask your child if any of the guests have food allergies like gluten intolerant and to make sure to purchase food to cater to their needs.

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