Ideas for a 50th birthday Party

Are you planning a surprise 50th for your loved one?  Want it to be memorable? We have compiled a list of ideas/themes for a fabolous 50th.

Over the binge drinking but still want to have a fabulous event. Here are a list of ideas for your event.

We are diving this into two sections. With 5 ideas for men and 5 ideas for Women. We will start with the ideas for the ladies.

1)Pretty in Pink

For this elegant party for mum or your wife. Go to the op shop to grab some vintage tea sets and decorate the place with flower centrepieces.

2) Garden-Inspired Party

Does your mum/wife/ friend love gardening? Get creative with a Garden-themed party. Decorate the party with flowers. Have different tea blends pots , serve a hot soup, skewers. Get the persons named in foam covered with flowers.

3) Cocktail Party

Get people to dress up in cocktail themed outfits. Serve cocktail food and relieve one of the classic games in your 20s – beer pong. Instead of using beer use wine. Swap red cups for plastic glasses.

4) Singing Party

Get a list of the guests favourite music? Organise a microphone and karaoke.

5) Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for the special lady. Talk amongst relatives, friends and family and come up with a collection of photos and memories. Get the person to dress up for that event. If it is a memory from the 80’s get the person to dress up in an 80s outfit. This is super special and will have sentiment value.

Now for the Gentlemen

1) Car-themed Party

Boys and their toys. All men love no matter what age love cars. Have a blank dark wall with hanging shapes of wheels. Make centrepieces with skewers of whiskey etc.

2) 50 years Young

Have a collage collection of special milestones in his life including licences, first trip overseas and family albums.

3) 50’s themed party

A 50’s themed party for a 50th is a cool idea to dress up in costumes. Play some music from the era, have a popcorn booth, and some music.

4)James Bond themed party

Is Dad or your husband’s favourite movie James Bond?  Buy a cheap red carpet, ladies and gentleman can dress up for this event with costomes.

5) Casino-themed party

Get everyone to dress up in casino costumes. There are heaps of easy ideas to decorate your party, have casino decorations. Play some card games like black Jack.

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