Brisbane Party Food Shop OverFlow Club

"This is such a great saving. The best business loyalty club I think I have ever seen. The value here is amazing. Thank you Joe for inviting me to join. If you have a family to feed then this is a must join program! I can't believe it is free to belong."

What is The Brisbane Party Food Shop Overflow Club?

On a regular basis we get the opportunity to purchase bulk lots of product that we can on sell to you at a substantial discount – some up to 70% off.

We get very little notice of the availability so we need to act quickly to secure these great deals. This is not open to the public as these products are usually in bulk packs and many cannot be repackaged so you may need to purchase in a larger quantity than you may normally do. However the price will be great!

Recent examples… 

  • 5kg boxes of crumbed chicken pieces, pre cooked and snap frozen “Southern Fried Chicken” style $20/box
  • Cartons of frozen Churros (catering size) $25 each
  • Bags of Battered Cod (NZ Hoki) Fillets – various quantities from less than $1/piece (bagged to your requirements)

This is not just an offer for stupid big quantities – this is great for all family sizes.

What's the Catch?

There are a few conditions that we must adhere to with these offers.

  1. Products are only available on a first come first serve basis. Email & Telephone orders welcome but payment must be made to hold anything.
  2. This will be only available to anyone that either is on our mailing list or happens to ask whilst instore – you will be notified by email or chatbot messenger. Join using either the form or the messenger button below.
  3. Not for commercial consumption or distribution. (all product is perfect for consumption and within best before dates – however part of the agreement that we can get it at such good prices is that we do not compete with wholesale food distribution agencies.) Private use only please.

How Do You Come By These Products?

Brisbane Party Food Shop has lifelong connections with the people in the industry. We only source and supply goods that we know are top quality and would/do consume ourselves. Below is a list of reasons we can offer this to you…

Overruns – Many companies will manufacture more than enough product to fill an order to ensure that they have more than enough – sometimes the client will take the overrun but sometimes they don’t. So to recoup costs the producer may offer them to us as cost their price.

Over Ordering – This is very common. The client will order a set amount and them not be able to commit to the whole order. The producer contacts us and we take it off their hands for a great price. Better than dumping good food.

Near Expiry – Some products have a long freezer life, but when they get close to their best buy recommendation date – like two months before – we get offered to buy for a great price.

Quality Seconds – this is one of the best and hard to come by. Essentially a product is manufactured to an exacting standard, length, weight, height, twist amount etc. And through the process of manufacture, and cooking, then snap freezing some products are 90% but not quite perfect. Now you must understand that a pellet of goods is randomly checked and if a random check reveals a short product or not enough in a box etc then they can offer up a whole pallet – as it is too time consuming to search through and repack two into one. Their loss is our gain.

Join The Brisbane Party Food Shop Overflow Club Here!

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