Planning the big 21st Party

A 21st is a massive milestone – you are a officially a young adult. My 21st was fantastic and a memorable night. I had a Native American themed party, where everyone had to come dressed up as Indians. We had a 21st signage board, and a memory jar.

Some big things to consider when planning our 21st is your budget, number of guests, theme, invitations, and food.


What will your invitations look like? Will they have a theme on them?

Number of Guests

This is relatively important , as this is how you will determine what venue you will be hiring. Make sure you put a date that the guests will have to RSVP to, if you are hosting the event put down your contact information: email and phone number.

Once you have got the number of guests then you can write a list of the people you are inviting.


Depending on the budget, and how many guests, there are a list of places you can book. I suggest calling around and getting a quote. Also getting a family or friend’s opinion before jumping into anything.

I suggest looking up venues on http://venues.com.au on this website you are able to type in your budget, the number of guests you will be inviting, location. They will filter the results according to what you put in the search engine. For example, if you are inviting a huge amount of people. The customs house in Brisbane can fit up to 300 people. If you are inviting a smaller amount of people  there are smaller places like  the four points Sheraton that can hold up to 150 people.


Themed parties are so much funner. Look at this website for inspiration and ideas for your 21st https://www.halloweenexpress.com/groups-themes/


Make sure you stick to diet requirements.  At the Brisbane Party Food Shop, we have a range of food to suit everyone’s dietary requirements.  At BPFS we recommend having a mixture of pastries and pies, as most 21st events are generally cocktail events and rarely sitting down to have large meals.

An idea for 100 people could be our mixed party pies 72 pk, chicken and vegetable party quiche tarts, lasagne toppers, beef dim sims, beef croquettes, fruit skewers and vegetable skewers, from the fruit markets.

21st parties or any sort of parties are my favourite function to organise in relation to catering – All the products we sell our already cooked and just need to be reheated to serve. Without paying waiter staff, you will be saving money.

Therefore you will have more money in your pocket, and can spend more time with your guests. 

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