Why Baking Paper is your greatest friend in the kitchen?

Find out some of the reasons that chefs, bakers and home cooks secret to reheating great savouries is baking paper.

Here are six ways to use baking paper:

  1. Avoid pastries sticking to the oven tray                                                                                                   Keep spring rolls from sticking to the oven tray. Line baking paper on the tray before adding a bunch of Brisbane Party Food Shops spring rolls to the oven.

2. Crisp up our mini pizzas

Want the mini gourmet pizzas slightly crispier – grab some baking paper. Also eliminate any greasy mess, just line the tray.

  1. Separate your angel bay beef patties with baking paper before cooking your burger

If you want to make a quick burger without defrosting the Patties in the microwave.  Grab a line of  baking paper and cut the paper up into squares. Put a beef patty in between the paper. When you want to make a burger, it will be easier to separate them.

  1. Steam Barramundi in the oven

Get rid of the dry and flaky taste of fish by steaming the fish in the oven.  Wrap up fish in individual portions of baking paper before putting it in the oven. Remove the baking paper and the end result with be tender fish. The moisture trapped in the baking paper will steam the fish.

  1. Cover your rolling pin with baking paper to avoid it sticking to the dough

Baking with the kids this weekend. Use baking paper instead of plain flour to the rolling pin to avoid dough from sticking to it.

  1. Make an easy batch of our prawn tempura

Love crunchy tempura ! but do not like the greasy mess it leaves afterwards.

Instead of adding the oil, simply put a line of baking paper on the tray instead. After cooking, simply slide off and add a dip to it.

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